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Bethany Baptist Church

The ladies met Thursday morning for prayer and Bible study. They generally meet on the second and fourth Thursday mornings at 8:30.

Jim and Ruby Corder, Joe and Pat Banks, Norma Stillings and Dan Stillings joined Bob and Darlene Sorensen and some of the Teens for some of the Sorensens’ good homemade pizza, Friday evening. This pizza had a crust made with whole wheat flour, then there was a pizza sauce made by Darlene’s own recipe. There were “meat lovers” pizza,  cheese pizza, and  a supreme pizza that had everything including peppers, onions, and turkey pepperoni. These would almost qualify to be called “deep dish” pizzas. At any rate they really taste good. The movie afterward was about how God can change a person who is sold out to sin into a totally different person.

The Jubilee Singers sang a special song, Sunday morning and Pastor Bob Sorensen spoke about “God’s grace to all.” In Ezekiel 16 Jerusalem was compared to a newborn baby unwashed, and unswaddled, thrown out to die. God pictured himself as coming along, seeing this baby, taking pity and saying. “Live.” He fed, clothed, and caused this helpless child (Israel and its capital, Jerusalem) to grow to be exceedingly beautiful and wealthy.

What God saw was a picture of depravity, but God made this nation an object of grace. God also looks at us. In our natural state we are sinners, polluted in our own sins, unable to save ourselves. Through the operation of grace God provides a Saviour, Jesus Christ, by whom we may enjoy the outcome of grace. We have God’s love, we are washed by his cleansing power in a fountain filled with blood, and we have our nakedness covered by his own righteousness imputed to us by his grace.  That grace is meant for all.

Some of Bethany Baptist Church folks are not looking forward to the “Time change” that occurs this coming Sunday. It may catch some of them off guard, but most of them will be up at the appointed time and out to church on time.

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