Bethany Baptist Church

On any given weekday, if you stop by Bethany Baptist Church you may find someone working. It might be some of the men working on the building or some of the ladies vacuuming the auditorium. Someone might be mopping in the fellowship room or sweeping the front porch. All this is done on a volunteer basis.

Another thing that you might notice is that the improvements take place a bit at a time. That is because the church decided a long time ago not to borrow money, but to do improvements as the money came in. One of the upcoming improvements is to have the driveway repaired. Hopefully that can be done this spring.

Sometimes the best-laid plans are changed by unforeseen events. The missionaries that had come to Ava to be our guests, Sunday morning, spent the time at an emergency room in Springfield instead. Although the missionary wife was not admitted to the hospital and was able to return to the church later, it was too late for the services.

So the pastor brought a message himself. Lunch was eaten at noon and there was a service at 1:00 PM. We hope to get a chance to have them back with us at a later date.

The Youth Choir sang a special song before Pastor Bob Sorensen brought a message from Isaiah 6:1-4. The Bible reveals many divine attributes of God. God is eternal, immutable, omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent. God is true, faithful, and merciful. God is love, God is good, and God is holy. God is all these things, all the time, but when you read Isaiah you see that the attribute of God that was proclaimed around the throne was his holiness. “Holy, holy, holy…” was still being proclaimed around the throne as seen by John in Revelation 4:8. The holiness of God is seen in his separation. He was seen as high and lifted up. There is no one like the true Jehovah God. There is no other god. The holiness of God demands caution. It is an error to attempt to bring God down to our level or to behave in an irreverent manner toward Him. When God repeats something two or more times it is to show the importance of it. The angels could have said “Loving, loving, loving” and it would have been true, but the characteristic that was emphasized is his holiness. At no time can God contradict his holiness. The fact that God is loving and is merciful does not give us license to sin or excuse to seek another way of salvation. God provided a way to heaven. The only way to get to that heavenly home is through a Holy God.