Ava Assembly of God

It was a very cold, wet and snowy morning for spring today, but  was still a great day to worship God.

There were just a few announcements before we got to the service that morning.  The community Good Friday service will be at the Ava General Baptist Church at 7:00 p.m. Friday, March 29. We will be having a special Easter service March 31 called, “The Thorn” in the morning services and also be having baptism services that morning.

This morning we were blessed to have a young man named Joey Plumb with us giving his testimony of what God had done for him. He is here for a few days from Teen Challenge. He told of how God had delivered him from a life of alcohol and drugs and how it is only by the grace of God he isn’t in prison. God worked in a way he got to go to Teen Challenge instead of being sent to prison. He told us of a life that went from alcohol, stealing, drugs,  to a life in Christ. God is always preparing us for something great. He never gives up on us, people may think there is no hope for us, but God always sees the  best in us. We enjoyed Brother Joey’s testimony very much. Pastor Buddy read some scriptures about our heart from Proverbs 16:9 Psalms 86:5-14 and Psalms 40:12. The heart is mentioned over 800 times in the scriptures. We should always guard our heart against evil.

You are always welcome at Ava Assembly of God. Services are at 8:30 and 11:00 Sunday morning, Sunday School at 10:00, Sunday night at 6:00, Wednesday night at 7:00.

Thought for the week; A man cannot touch his neighbor’s heart with anything less than his own.