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We had a rainy day today  but we we should praise the Lord for it as we were needing it and He gives us our needs. We were blessed to have some of our worship team back with us this morning and we enjoyed their singing. This morning Sister Charlotte Koop sang a special song for us which was really good. We would like to invite you to Collide at the pac building next wednesday night. Pastor Buddy brought us the message this morning on being a excellent church. One of our core values at the church is excellence, whatever we do we need to do it to the best of our ability and do it with everything we have.We should always strive for excellence. If we are singing,preaching, or teaching, we shouldn’t just be doing it because we love doing it but because we love the Lord. The role of the Church today should be to challenge the world. The early church put maxium effort into getting the Word of God out to the world. In Acts 13-1 it tells us the early Church was worshiping, praying, and fasting. How much of that are we doing today? In 1 Corinthians 16-5-Paul said a great door of opportunity had opened to him but with the opportunity also came obligation and opposition. Paul stayed where God wanted him to be doing the work God gave him to do and Ephesus became a great church. What are we doing to make a difference. Do we see a opportunity or do we just see the opposition? It was another good message to think about from our Pastor. We will be having a special Easter service called “The Thorn”, March 31. Come and be with us if possible. Services are at 8:30 and 11:00 Sunday morning with Sunday School at 10:00 Sunday night at 6:00 Wednesday night Bible study and prayer at 7:00. Thought for the week;  What have you done today that nobody but a Christian would do?

We were blessed this morning to have our Pastor back from Men’s Encounter. He had a good report for us as four men from our church had rededicated their lives to Christ. We rejoiced in that. Our early service worship team was gone this morning and we missed them, but as our Pastor said our worship should come from our heart. Sister Buffy Strong sang a special song for us this morning and we always enjoy her singing.  Pastor Buddy brought us a very good message on why missions this morning from Luke 19-1-6. He preached on what changes happens when Jesus comes to town. When Jesus came by Zacchaeus became a child with the curosity of a child, he wanted to see the One everyone was talking about no matter what people thought about him. He was going to see Jesus. He was motivated by curiosity. Curisoity will bring men to Christ.  When people see Christ in us they will want to know more about Him. A small man became a big man. Zacchaeus didn’t let pride stop him from seeing Jesus, whatever it took he was determined to see Christ. A poor man became rich.  Though Zacchaeus had all this world’s goods he was still bankrupt if he didn’t have Christ in his life. The same as we are if we don’t have Christ in our life. The host became the guest, Jesus came to seek and save the lost and that should be the mission of the church.  Also to reach out to the ones who don’t know Christ. We should be telling the ones who are just coping with life that they can have hope instead of cope. It was another very good message this morning.

Next Sunday will be another day of celebrating missions with our services at 8:30 and 11:00 Sunday morning, but Sunday night our services will be out at the barn starting at 5:00 with a shrimp boil and services starting at 6:00 Wednesday night. Brad Keller will be with us at 7:00. Come be with us anytime, we would enjoy having you worship with us.

Thought for the week;  Christian service is not optional—it’s a command.

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