Arno News

Bonnie Phipps said she was doing lots better.

Tara brought Jett by last Monday and that evening I went to my O.E.S. meeting and after it was over I dropped my news off at the Herald Office before coming on home to get ready to go to Monica Reemes’ for a few days.

After breakfast last Tuesday Monica and I went shopping then we went to the Hughes Brothers Theatre where we saw the AYO starring Voices of Glory. They were good and they sure have grown up the past five years when they were on the America’s Got Talent. Then we met Anette Ray and went to Applebee’s to eat before we went to the Branson Meadows Cinemas and saw The Incredible Burt Wonderstone. It was good in parts, but don’t take your children to see it. The other part I did not like.

Wednesday we left the house about noon then we went to Wal-Mart before we attended the Pierce Arrow Theatre where we got to see Jarrett Dougherty and the other singers. I just love those base singers when they get down real low. When we left there we went to the IHop and ate before we went to Monica’s church for Bible study where they were studying Hosea. The theme was Love That Never Dies. After we got back to Monica’s I came on home.

I went to town Thursday morning and took some eggs in and then I stopped by Marie Dickey’s before coming home.

Tara brought Jett in the afternoon and then Justin picked him up that evening.

Friday I had five inches of snow and I had .5 of an inch when I melted what was in my rain gauge. Sunday I got .3 of an inch more in my rain gauge.

Alicia Degase came by Friday afternoon and picked up some breads and cake and took them down to the Plainview School for the Richard Mitchell Benefit they had Saturday and I heard they had a good turn out.

I didn’t make it down there because I was getting food ready for the Jo Engelhardt family which we were going to serve at Mt. Tabor Church Monday.

Sunday when I was waiting for my ride to church it started raining, sleeting and then it turned to snow, that was all done in about fifteen minutes.

Lets keep all our sick folks in our prayers.

My prayers and sympathy goes out to the Jo Engelhardt family and all the others who have lost a loved one.

Lets keep our leaders and the men and women in the service and their families and the ones in training in our prayers.