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Bonnie Phipps saod she was staying in these cold and rainy days.

Tara and Justin brought Jett by last Monday and Justin brought me some meat and was it ever good.

James Blakey and Gary Shelton came by before they went to work, then later on, Evelyn Bryan came by and brought me a little birthday gift from Florida.

I attended the O.E.S. meeting and I took the Get Well Card that I had taken down to Gainesville for every one to sign and I had all the chapter members to sign it and after the meeting was over I took it by and gave it ito Marie Dickey. Marie thought it was really great.

I took my news in last Tuesday and paid some bills and got groceries.

Violet Blakey stopped by Wednesday morning on  her way to town and  Mark came later with some eggs.

Tara brought Jett Thursday and then Mark came by later on in the day.

Ellis came by Friday morning before he went to work. I took some eggs in and then I went and got some cards and stamps for Marie Dickey. Mark and Gary  came by after work.

Friday I received half a tenth of an inch, Sunday I got 1.4 tenths of an inch.

Sherry Blakey and Laura Blakey came by while they were in town Saturday.

I went over to John and Jo Stephens’ after they came home and I took Jo her birthday card and gift, the next day is her birthday.

Brother Raymond Haden preached for us Sudnay and the message was good. Raymond and Nadia sung Thank You Lord and it was beautiful.

Lat’s keep our leaders and the men and women in the service and their families and the ones in training in our prayers.

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