All Around Bradleyville

One week closer to spring on the calendar. I have been cutting brush and piling and burning it when the wind quits blowing long enough. I waited and burned one pile during the rain we got on Sunday. I was afraid it wouldn’t burn in the rain but that particular pile of brush had been there for a couple of years so after I got it started it burned hot and fast.

Lynn Case and her daughter, Courtney Laughlin, celebrated their Grandma Shortt’s birthday last Saturday by taking her for a day out in Branson last Saturday. She took Grandma Shortt shopping, then to the Butterfly Palace and ended up eating at Steak and Shake before coming home. Lynn said they all had a great time. Another granddaughter, Anita Wiles came down from Republic on Sunday and visited all afternoon.

Several took advantage of Spring Break and took a little vacation. It seems the beach was the most popular destination. I saw pictures on facebook of Greg and Lisa Potter and their three boys on Dauphin Island, AL. It looked like Braden, Landon and Cameron along with their mom and dad had a wonderful family time together.

Sympathy is extended to the family of Bill Engelhardt who grew up in the Bradleyville area. His daughter Lora passed away last Friday evening due to complications of diabetes.

Birthdays: March 21: Kelsie Adams, Ronnie Hunsaker, Riley Kisling; March 22: Garrett Lawson; March 23: Samantha Gailey; March 24: June Boyd, Dustin Tilley; March 25: Danny Flannery, Clessie Hurst; March 26: Leon Combs.

Anniversaries: March 25: Tim and Ann Blair.