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All Around Bradleyville

Typical late winter weather here, freezing cold one day, beautiful spring-like weather the next. Daffodils and crocus blooming, then a little bit of sleet, snow and then maybe a thunderstorm. The good rains we have been getting have filled the creeks for now. Wind, wind, and more wind. Nice weather for flying kites. If the old saying is true, since March came in like a lion, it will go out like a lamb. I hope so, I am getting gardening fever. I finally got a few varieties of tomato seeds planted and several different kinds of peppers. I always have big plans but the truth to tell, my green thumb is not so green. I am not a very successful gardener. If nothing else, I enjoy trying.

The Screaming Eagle Band performed again this year during breaks at the NAIA tournament at College of the Ozarks. The band has been invited to play at the tournament for the past several years. Band director, Chris Sprague said they received lots of nice comments on their performance. That doesn’t surprise me because they are typically outstanding no matter where you hear them.

New Mansion Church has been busy practicing for the outdoor Easter play that will be acted out two nights on March 23-24. Lots of practice and costume making in our near future. Everyone is welcome to come watch the re-enactment of the Easter story and stay and have snacks and fellowship afterward. For more information please call Cindy or Jeff Marsh or Belinda Wyman.

Scott Lawson has been calling home two or even three times every night since he started Tech School in Wichita Falls, Texas. He was only able to call once a week during his basic training so he is making up for it now that he has more liberties. He started school a week or so earlier than he first thought he would, so now that moves the time table up a little and we are hoping he will be through all the schooling and be home before Julie has the twins.

Birthdays: March 14: Virginia Clayton, Jacob Nelson, Scott Whittaker; March 15: Lacey Davis, Brent Koenig; March 16: Daniel Gillespie, Juanita Shortt; March 17: Brandon Harris, Koleder Ross; March 18: Nardena Brown, Becky Krause; March 19: Bradley Flannery, Kerri Hampton; March 20: Rebecca Campbell, Emma Hampton, Sue Swadley.

Anniversaries: March 19: Brandon and Lori Burkhart, Sam and Judy Clemans.

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