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All Around Bradleyville

There is not a more lonesome sound than the wind howling around the side of the house. If you like wind, this is surely your kind of weather. I like a cool breeze on a warm day, but this far exceeds a breeze. It was quite a shock to walk out on my porch this morning to 30 something degree weather. The sun is shining though, and that makes up for the cold temperatures.

Bob, Julie, Garrett and I left last Wednesday and drove to San Antonio, Texas to watch Scott Lawson graduate from Basic Military Training at Lackland Air Force Base. There were 800 young men and women graduating and it was a very moving sight to watch all the graduates marching past in the graduation parade. Scott’s dad, Ivan Lawson and Scott’s mom and step-dad Carrie and Cody Jenkins also traveled there to attend his graduation and be with Scott for a few days before he entered Tech School at Sheppard Air Force Base near Wichita Falls, Texas.

We all had a wonderful time visiting with Scott and each other, and it was especially sweet for Garrett to be with his daddy for a few days. We started home after Scott’s leave ended at 6:00pm Sunday evening and arrived back in Bradleyville 9:30am Monday morning.

Congratulations to both the boy’s and girl’s Pee Wee Teams that both won first place in the Plainview Tournament. I never did get to see the Pee Wees play this year but heard they had some very exciting games.

Well, as I’ve been gone for the past six days I don’t know anymore news so if you have anything for the paper please contact me. Until next week.

Birthdays for the coming week include: March 7: Lori Burkhart, Ray Hurst; March 9: C.J. Badovinatz, Tyler Braden, Rex Clemans, Cletis Shortt, Dennis Whittaker; March 10: Joe Scott; March 11: Georgi Clark; March 12: John Day, Ethan Douglas; March 13: Jayda Maggard, James Marsh.

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