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The past weeks weather proved that winter isn’t being as mild as it first seemed to be, and we may have more of it through March.

Easter is March 31st this year.

It was nice when Saturday’s sunshine melted the ice.

Dave and Karen Davis were shopping in Mountain Home and visited me in the afternoon on Saturday.

The official school of instruction of the 23rd and 28th District Eastern Star Chapter will be Saturday, March 2nd at Robert Burns Lodge with Worthy Grand Matron, Joyce Beabout, and Worthy Grand Patron, Jack Padley, presiding. Lunch will be at 11:30 a.m., a buffet luncheon. Other districts have been invited, and expected to be here.

Our neighborhood and church received news of the death of former resident, Jerry Lemons, in Clarandon, TX. His wife, Patty, survives. He will be missed.

Lilly Ridge Church will host the annual Little Vine Association meeting starting Friday at 7:30 p.m., March 15th, and on Saturday at 9:00 a.m., March 16th.

A noon meal will be served on Saturday. Everyone is invited for the services.

Josh and Samantha Mayberry’s daughter, Lillian, had her first birthday.

Marsha Lyon came to church Sunday and taught her adult class though she is still under the doctor’s care in Sprignfield.

Jerry F. and Jerry Ann Lash are great-grandparents of a 6 lb. 5 oz. baby girl born in West Plains Hospital, Feb. 13th, while her parents were here visiting from Idaho. The baby girl’s name is River Rose Marie Ranum, and her parents are Wade and Jessica Ranum, from Lewiston, Idaho.

March 3rd is the bi-monthly dinner at Lilly Ridge Church, following morning services.

It was good to see some new faces in church Sunday. Welcome back.

Mearl and Beulah Satterfield were in West Plains Wednesday and at their place near Sparta Monday.

Just a thought, “A wise man spends less than he yearns.”

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