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Sunday morning I got ready and took my mamma, Nora Hunsaker to church then we ate lunch and drove to Seymour to see Lee Williams, who has been in the hospital. He is at his daughters now for recouperation. He is doing a lot better, but, we thought at one time he might not make it. We continued praying and God intervened.

I miss my home church at Walnut Grove but am doing what I need to do for now.

Those visiting my mom and me during the week were Jessica, Amanda, Henel, Misty, and Kendall Cook, Becky, Hailey and Geeraldeen Carter, Donna Bannister, Bo, Wendy, Raven, Brittany and Ashlyn Williams, Emily Neal and friend, Jeremy, Delmar Rosseau, Vern and Kathleen Deatherage. I appreciate all the calls to check on us and also, all the prayer warriors who continue to keep us uplifted.

We are enjoying the rain we are getting and hope for a good crop season this year.

Until next week God Bless you all.

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