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Sunday morning service was opened with the bluegrass band playing some good old hymns then congregational hymns followed by prayer requests and prayer.

Brother Dave Lafferty brought another beautiful piano song.

Brother Roberts brought the message from Ecclesiastes 3:11, “Eternity.”

Sunday evening service was movie night.

We were happy to have Frank and Velma Rosseau for a three day and night visit with us. We enjoyed family time also with Beth Stafford, Johnathan Snelson and Mandy Logan. We all had three wonderful evening meals together, fried chicken dinner on Wednesday evening, Fish dinner on Thursday evening then we all gathered at the Hucklebuck on Friday evening. It was a pleasant time for all. Also, while they were here, Frank and Delmar visited with Norman and Maxine Rosseau, Dorothy Burton, Ray and Delpha Roller and Roy and Sharon Hicks and George and Violet Blakey and visited a couple of cemeteries.

I am happy to be home after spending twenty three nights with my mom, Nora Hunsaker, while Lee Williams was recuperating at his daughter’s.

Delmar has had the old cough but is better.

I talked to Aunt Violet Morris and they are doing about the same.

Delmar and I met Jack and Barb Breshears at McDonald’s for breakfast one morning.

Until next week, stay warm and healthy.

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