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Sandy Church

Some from the church attended the benefit for Gale and Wanda Osburn at Union Grove Church on Saturday at 7 p.m.

We began our Lord’s Day service by reading from Ephesians 1.  Food Harvest items were collected.  Prayer concerns were shared for Harold and Van Menzies, Chance, Chloe Wilson, Glenda Sanders, Chuck and Terry, Mary Ann Hathcock and others.

Happy birthday was sung to Abby Dalton and Frances Humbyrd and happy anniversary was sung to Pastor Neal and LeaAnn, who was home with Erin, who was sick.

Kevin Hodges prayed the offertory prayer as he and Aaron Dalton received our Lord’s tithes and offerings with Elane Crum at the piano.

It was good to have Pastor Neal back after a week off with the flu.

Testimonies were shared about our Good Lord.

Sonya Hodges sang.

Danny Johnson led us in song with Elane Crum at the piano.

Pastor Neal read from Genesis 2 and 3, Adam and Eve and Esau chose the physical over the spiritual.  There is nothing here to compare with our spiritual inheritance, but how often we choose the same way.  Jesus believed we were worth dying for.  Surely we can believe He is worth living for.

At 6 p.m., we began with singing.  Pastor Neal prayed for the many prayer requests.  Testimonies were given.  Danny Johnson sang.   Pastor Neal read from Luke 23, Jesus before Pilate and Herod.  Let us make the decision for Christ always and not be as they were so set against Him.

We have special prayer meeting each Tuesday at 7 p.m., Bible study in Exodus each Wednesday at 7 p.m., Sunday school is at 10 a.m. and worship at 11 a.m. with Sunday evening services at 6 p.m.  Come and be with us.  You are welcome in our Lord’s house.

Next Sunday is backpack collection items for Plainview School and our monthly fellowship dinner at noon for all birthdays and anniversary in the month of February.

We have learned that Ruth (Hodges) Roberts passed away on February 3rd in Springfield at the age of 89.  She was the daughter of Mont and Claudia (Comer) Hodges and a charter member of our church.

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