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Sandy Church

As we came together on our Lord’s Day, we were missing so many due to sickness including our Sunday school superintendent, Brad Siler, and Pastor Neal.  Others sick were Harold Menzies, who was in Cox South, Bob Siler, Jerry Pitts, Shannon Wilson, and little Wyatt Harris, who was very ill. Connie Johnson led us in prayer.

Doyle Humbyrd filled in as Sunday school superintendent.

After congregational singing, we sang happy birthday to Clay McFarlin.  May God bless you with many more.

Our tithes and offerings were received by Stan Humbyrd and Daniel Wilson.  Stan prayed the offertory prayer with Elane Crum at the piano due to LeaAnn taking Pastor Neal to the doctor.  Judy Wilson filled in before Sunday school.

Testimonies were shared.  I led in prayer and filled in for Pastor Neal reading from Psalms about the greatness of our God.  How we must give our all then we may receive His all.  It is so sad that we are satisfied with so little spiritually.  We closed with prayer time at the altar.

At 6 p.m., a few came together.  Stan Humbyrd led us in a prayer time.  LeaAnn and Erin Crum sang a special.  Again, we prayed for all our sick ones which included Casey Dobbs, for which Grandpa Danny Johnson stood in.

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