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2-25-13. It looks like we will get some more rain today. We welcome it even if it does get muddy.

What would we do without good neighbors? After John Webster hauled a couple loads of white rock on our driveway. Jim Braden came down came down and spread it out for me.

There was several ladies came out for Bible study at Goodhope General Baptist Church Tuesday morning and afternoon. We are studying a Beth Moore book.

Plainview basketball boys and girls played Skyline Tuesday evening. They won all three games. I’m sure all the children and teachers enjoyed those two snow days last week except there wasn’t enough snow to make a snowman or even make ice cream.

Tom Brown is still in the hospital, he is having more test done today Monday, the 25th. We miss the Browns when they aren’t in church. We need to keep all of them in our prayers. We are also praying for Richard and Lisa Mitchell. He will be going to St. Louis this week for surgery.

Norma Cross, Kenny and Seth Hunt and I went to Heart of the Ozarks Healthcare Saturday. We visited with Peggy Jenkins, Goldie Miller and Irene Richards. Peggy didn’t feel good. She sleeps a lot. Randy Jenkins had just left when we got there.

It was sad to hear of Willene Adams death, she had been sick for a while.

“God’s grace not only forgives our sin and redeems us through the cross, but also enables, strengthens and encourages us to live according to His will.”

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