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Gary Emrick visited with Tom and Jewell Johnson. It won’t be long until yard clean up and mowing will start again.

Norma Stillings visited residents at the Heart of the Ozarks Healthcare Center, Tuesday morning and stopped for a while at Ava Place that afternoon. Some of the residents from Ava Place were concerned about getting back to Ava Place before the winter mix was due to come in on Wednesday evening. Norma called Ava Place, Thursday, and found that they had gotten everybody moved back.

When you visit with residents in a residential facility regularly you will get attached to them. One day you may be looking in on someone and the next day hear that they have passed away. For several months, Carol Allen had been bringing Naomi Walker to Saturday music so that she could hear the old gospel songs. This Saturday morning that place was empty and residents stated how much they missed seeing Naomi there. Getting attached to people and then having to say good bye is the hard part of being an Ombudsman Volunteer. But the good part is that your own life is enriched by those same residents and their families.

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