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2-16-13. Dear Readers: Not much to write about as usual. We went to the Cities on Tuesday. Saw Frank D. Allison in Silvia, Illinois Wal-Mart. He seemed to be doing okay. Right now it’s cold, but no snow or anything, But we’re supposed to get snow and rain on Monday, then on Thursday and Friday we are suppose to get another winter storm, so we’re trying to get everything done before then in case we get snowed in again. Actually the winter hasn’t been too bad around here if you don’t live down a long lane that drifts shut in places. Well at least it’s all down hill now. Less than two weeks until March. Next Wednesdy is supposed to be nice so we plan to go to Muscatine and stock up on what we need. I’m sure I’ll stock up on some things I don’t need too.

I heard that Norma (Cook) Pierce of East Moline, Illinois and formerly from Ava, MO. has been in the hospital in ICU. I think she had the flu. I also heard her mohter passed away recently. I can’t remember her name, but I had a nice long conversation with her once and I really liked her. She asked me to come and visit her sometime. I wish I had.

Robert and Sharon renewed their wedding vows last weekend then spent the weekend in Chicago with her daughter and family. He said it was really nice and he enjoyed it immensely. He wants to give me more information later. We couldn’t go because of the weather.

Until next time, take care of yourselves and bye, bye for now.

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