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2-11-13. Dear Readers: I’m sorry I’m this far behind in my writing. What a winter it’s been so far here on the farm stead. Nothing at all like it has been other places, or for that matter, not that bad for an Iowa winter, but it’s just where I live. We’ve been stuck here about all winter so far and much of it yet to come. First we got an ice storm with ice all over everything then it warmed up and rained like cats and dogs ( or fish and frogs) until there was water standing in the yard and the road was full of water so we would have gotten stuck if we tried to get out then too. Then right after that we got a blizzard with high winds that put big drifts in the road. We waited awhile then got a friend to come out from Muscatine and plow us out (we paid him of course, even though he didn’t want to take it.) He’s a true friend and has been best friends with my grandson since they were little kids. We went right on up to Tipton and got some of my medicine I had ran out of and stocked up on things we needed. We got another snow storm and was drifted in again. We let that go until we really needed to get out again and called Jason back and he came on Monday morning and plowed us out again and again. We went back to town. Then it started raining again and we were “swamped in” again. At one point I had called the post office and asked them to hold my mail until I could get up there and get it and we went up on Monday (last week) after we got plowed out and got the mail and I had to run some more errands. The it warmed up again (50 degrees) and rained again and the same old thing. Then we had strong winds all day yesterday. Really bad, but then it turned cold again and with that and the wind it about dried everything up. There’s not much you can do when you get swamped in. You can’t get anyone to plow it or anything like that. So tomorrow we plan to get up early and head for the Quad Cities before anything else comes our way. If we don’t get in the apartment in Tipton before next winter we may rent one somewhere else until we can get in the one in Tipton. There’s no way to know how long it will be before that one gets ready for us. But it’s a little scary living hear in the winter. If there was a serious emergency no noe could get to us to help. The landlord is gone so he couldn’t help us. Walt talked to his granddaughter, Candi, tonight and she’s still taking college courses and has to write a theme for class about someone who’s a writer so she’s writing about me and how I write these letters for the Douglas County Herald. That makes me feel good. I told her to make me a copy of it. It’s 2:25 a.m. so I better try to get some sleep. I have to get up in three hours. Take care of yourselves and bye, bye for now.

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