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It was great to be feeling well enough to get back to a normal routine this Sunday. Junior and I started the day off by enjoying breakfast together at Hannah’s in Elkland, before attending church.

While at church, it was nice to see some familiar faces from this neighborhood as well. Rev. Bob and Ella Mae Huskey were special guests for our annual wild game potluck dinner. I hear that the bear meat that Sister Huskey prepared, was terrific. Seems just like yesterday that the Huskey’s were ministering at Dogwood and our kids were growing up. Time sure does fly by and is gone in the blink of an eye! He delivered a great message and we enjoyed hearing him sing a couple of songs as well. He has always had a gift for singing and playing the guitar, as many neighbors know from his attendance at many of the local singings. We look forward to his visit to the church, the last Sunday of each January for our annual dinner.

It seems that just about everyone has known someone who has been really sick. We have had several in our family, including one of our little great grandson’s. He has had one lung filled with fluid and we are praying for his quick recovery.

While making a trip to Ava recently, we noticed a bakery sign near the old Dogwood Church of the Nazarene building. Maybe, you readers will know more about that. I am interested in going back there and checking it out.

The hills and hollers of Olga are still dead looking as winter continues. It was nice to get some rain, however, we are still suffering from a drought. It makes one anxious to see these hills come alive once more. Soon it will be time for the bright greens of spring, the chirping of robins and the sights and smells of hillsides of flowers and blooming trees. I can hardly wait as I am already tired of looking at all of this! However, we have not had any winter like we used to have when I was a child and we would have to walk to the Beaver school house. Winter sure has changed!

Even though it has been cold, life continues as usual here. We sure hope to see you out this way in the near future. God Bless until we meet again.

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