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Howdy. On Valentine’s Day Joe Wright was hospitalized. He had to have a stent put in, but he is doing much better now.

Sorry to hear that Julie King passed away. She lived here when I was in school. Her daughter, Donna was in my class.

David Dake just keeps on having a run of bad luck. He spent 3 weeks in the hospital with pneumonia, lost his job and now someone stole all of his food out of his deep freeze. If people were that hungry, I know David. He would have just given them some food.

We had another fire this week at Karen (Hensley) Allen’s home. She and her husband and children lived on Curtner Road. You can call Mrs. Harris at the Norwood School for sizes on clothes.

Wanda Helmes is in the hospital. She had a tumor removed this week. We wish her well. She plans to have another surgery on her spine.

The Norwood city dog catcher is no longer here. So please think about someone else and keep your dogs up in your own yard.

Don’t forget that daylight savings time is March 10. Write that on your calendar. You will move the clock up an hour. You will be late for church if you forget. Or some of you that don’t go for Sunday School will miss church all together.

Ruth Bradshaw is always so happy to have company and she appreciates it when you come by. Denver Cottengim checked in with her this week and had a good visit. She is losing her eye sight, but she doesn’t forget a thing.

Congratulations to Travis Coatney and Makayla Hyde. He popped the question and she accepted. They want to get married on his grandparents’ anniversary which is May 15. He also wants to have a new home for his bride to be, so a lot of people have agreed to donate their time to make their dream come true. For a few of the readers that don’t know Travis, he had a bad vehicle accident that left him paralyzed, but he had a great personality and now it’s even better. He gives God all the glory for what he is doing in Travis’ life. Travis and Makayla have been involved in the “Encounter” at Lebanon, Mo. and the men have volunteered to frame up his house. If anyone wants to be a part of this, they can call Chad Sullivan at 576-7843. You can see their home being built right beside Jane Watts house or behind James garage.

Fun Facts: There were four families who were together getting Oak Forest Church built. They homesteaded land and lived there until they died. Thomas Burke, Jacob Filer and Henry Hiser who came in 1884 (Opal Kelley’s grandpa), The Perry’s came later. They’re all buried in Oak Forest Cemetery, except the Perry’s and they are in Thomas Cemetery.

Thought: I attribute my success in life to the moral, intellectual and physical education which I received from my parents.

Until next week, God bless our little town.

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