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Ruth Bradshaw called me this week. She had a lot of company and wanted to let people know how much she appreciates everyone calling or coming by. Marlynn Walker, Larry Quin and Marlynn Flake from Hartville came by. Carlyn Hull paid a visit and brought a gift from her club. Ruth hosted a birthday party Saturday night for her helper, Shirley Cottengim. There were 20 present. Shirley turned 71 years young.

Kathlene Mason fell October 31 and has been battling back and spine pain. She finally gave in and went to have an x-ray. She fractured her spine. We wish her well.

Bill Bradshaw’s wife, Judy, has been under the weather. I hear she’s back at home. We wish her well too.

Chad and I hosted a going away party Saturday night for our daughter K.D. She is leaving Feb. 19 to Dalion, China to do a full semester of her 2nd year in college. SMU has a campus there. She will return in June.

I hear there is a couple interested in opening the cafe by the hardware store, but it’s just talk for now. We will let everyone know if they open.

I never seen so many Amish neighbors get together and work as I did over at Mose Gingriches last Friday. His barn burned down Thursday and they had the cement slab completely cleaned up Friday. They aren’t afraid of work.

Our anniversary this week is on the 14th, John and Miranda Hooker and Wes and Tammy Cudworth, and Tammy’s parents, Jr. and Mabel Wehrer will celebrate on the 16th. We had a belated anniversary, Duane and Mary Jane Laub celebrated on the 5th, their 42 years together. They just recently moved to Springfield.

Fun Facts: Norwood has had five newspapers since its existence. The Norwood Citizen, published on a Wednesday, once a month, from 1894-1897; Southern Missourian, published on Wednesdays from 1899-1900; World Cresset, also published on Wednesday, from 1902 through 1920; Norwood Press, published by Martin Mitchell from 1915 through 1916 and last paper, edited by C.N. Means from 1927 through 1949. Published on Thursdays, The Norwood Index.

Thought: A rich man is one who, when his pockets are empty, his children fill his arms.

Call me with your news 746-1112 and until next week, God bless our little town.

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