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My husband says the weather is changing so much, it’s like my mood swings. But have you ever seen it 70 degrees one day and 30 the next?

The school will be out the 7th at 12:20 and all day on the 8th. The girls basketball will have a home game the 7th against Mountain Grove. The boys will go to Winona on the 8th. Boys will have a game on the 12th against Mansfield and the 15th conference game against Conway. Districts will start for girls and boys on the 16th-23rd. And that will wind down the basketball season this year.

Susie Coffman passed away this week. She had two children but her daughter has already passed away, which left her with just her son Terrance (Bud) Moore. We are sorry for your loss Bud.

Another lady, and a good ol’ girl, and my friend, Hazel Dodson passed away this week. We buried her next to her husband in Retherford Cemetery. Our deepest sympathy goes to her children and family.

If you are interested in being a bee keeper or learning more about what bees do for us besides give us honey, you can attend an open house meeting at the Norwood Assembly of God Church on Feb. 13, Wednesday night at 6:15 p.m. My cousin, Bruce Snavely will be the host. His father, the late Joe Snavely, raised them for years and passed it on to his son.

Thursday I was working at the sale barn and all of a sudden, fire trucks were going out on E Hwy. I soon found out (after I saw it wasn’t my home) that my neighbors, Mose and Laura Gingrich, lost their big garage and shed to a fire. It was a total loss. He had tractors, buggies, tools, rabbits (well over 200) and his little dog burned up in the fire. Mose told me, “I lost my livelihood in just a little bit.” I always said, “Moses second home was his garage.” He was always tinkering around in it.

I received a card from my cousin, Wesley and Karen Freeman. I send my appreciation as she  made it herself.

Trapping season is over and will have to say for a couple of greenhorns, Chad and Jeff DeVault did pretty good. They are already talking and planning for next year,.

Don’t forget your sweetheart on Feb. 14. A little birdie told me to wish LuAnn Kochis happy birthday on the 9th. She is the walnut lady or at least that’s what my kids know her by.

Glad to hear that Regina Hopper is okay. She spent two days in the hospital.

They took John Hooker by ambulance Wednesday. They thought it was his heart, but it turned out to be stress. His father-in-law was the last Rick Forrest.

Fun Facts:

When the businesses or factories closed, people were out of work. Since the farmers were pretty self sufficient. They had an easier time of it because they were able to grow their own food. But many farmers owed money on their farms and lost them to the banks. One could say the depression affected everyone.

Thought: He is richest who is content with the least, for contentment is true wealth.

Until next week God bless our little town.

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