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Mt. Tabor Church

Church opened with singing a verse of Amazing Grace, Brother Martin reading the devotional, and our long list of prayer concerns. There are many who have lost loved ones, those in the hospital and nursing homes, and those with illnesses that are ongoing. We pray for the lost and the unchurched, as well.

Brother Ric used James 2:1-9 as his main scripture for his message. It points out that we are to love our neighbor, and not to show partiality.

We are continuing our study on Sunday evening at 5:30 of “The Last Week”, taught by Sister Nina, come and join us if you don’t have a regular church home.

Mae Cox seems to be doing okay, has some breathing problems that may be associated with her illness.

Visitors with Martin and Mary Ann Hathcock last week were Ronda and Eleazar Soto, Blair and Pam Kargas and Jim Hathcock. Mary Ann was doing some better, Tuesday.

Tom and Jewell Elliott continue their daily trips to Springfield, with another week or so left. Their visitors this week were James Elliott and Jim and Carla Hearod.

Martin Hathcock visited Harold and Kay Hutchison, Saturday evening, as did Danny, Kim and Morgan Clements.

Harold and Kay Hutchison and Dylan Clements attended the Grizzlies basketball game in West Plains, Saturday night.

Armon Stewart visited Harold Hutchison awhile Tuesday morning. Bill Johnson stopped by Sunday morning, also.

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