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Mt. Tabor Church

We appreciate everyone who was out on Sunday, I’m sure it was a good message. Please remember to pray for those who were mentioned.

Our new bible study started last Sunday evening at 5:30, please come and join us. It will be the Easter story from Mark, and will continue for approximately 5 or 6 weeks.

Mae Cox continues to have lots of visitors: Betty Jenkins, Lenora Burton,Adrain and Jim Owen, Don Beason, Linda Donley, Tim Hall and Lauren, Tom and Donna Nichols, Lisa Johnson, members from the Nazarene Church, (Mac and Lue Mitchell, Joyce Harper), Heather Hampton, Gary Mitchell, and Mae also appreciated the ladies from the Methodist Church bringing her a plate of home baked cookies. Mae has been entertaining the “bug” as of late.

Mr. and Mrs. Shaun Elliott and children, visited Tom and Jewell Elliott Saturday evening. J.C. Hall visited at different times with Tom and Jewell.

Company for Martin and Mary Ann Hathcock last week was Richard and Wilma Mielke, Richard’s daughter, Debbie Kamp, Jan Jones, Ronda Soto, Pat Smith and Zayne and Zoe, Jim Hathcock and Little Jack, Betty Jenkins, Lenora Burton, Kay Hutchison, Blair and Pam Karges. Mary Ann and Martin both have good days and bad days.

Jim and Carla Hearod, along with Scott, Stephanie and Jordan Lindsay, visited Tom and Jewell Elliott, Sunday evening.

Harold and Kay Hutchison went to Joplin Friday afternoon and spent until Monday morning with Jeff and Kristy Tackett.  Gary and Stephanie Mishler and Steven Tackett spent time with them also. They enjoyed lots of games, good food, visiting and laughter. Gary and Stephanie took Grandad on little trip to see some sites around town and in Kansas. A good time was had by all.

James Elliott and Tom Elliott stopped by Gainesville Healthcare to visit Tom’s sister, Pauline Ellison, last Sunday afternoon.

Thursday of last week, Tom Elliott’s cousins, Florence Clinkingbeard and her sisters, Nola and Naomi, came for a visit. Tom and Naomi enjoyed reminiscing about old times and school days when they were children.

Tom and Jewell visited one evening with Albert and Doris Elliott.

Ronnie and Pat Lansdown drove to West Plains last Friday and brought their grandchildren over to spend the night. Saturday, the Lansdowns were hosts for  the family birthdays of Pat, David Guerin and daughter,  McRae. Joining them for a noon meal was Doug and Kristie Lansdown, Jadon and Kaylee, David and Casey Guerin, Bradlyn and McRae. Jill O’Neal called to wish everyone a happy birthday. Kenneth and Carla Aborn and Bill and Cathy Lansdown, also, enjoyed playing games and food.

Doug and Kristie Lansdown came by to visit Myrl Cox on their way to Ava. Myrl’s other visitors were Paul Cox, Jeanne Cox, Jessie and Jenna Davis. Pat did Myrl’s grocery shopping and errands.

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