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Mt. Tabor Church

We began church with Brother Martin reading our devotional, followed by many, many prayer requests. We were glad to have one of our own back with us, hope she will be back soon.

Our Sunday school was very interesting, speaking about us looking for the “real thing”, not a substitute or an imitation. There is only one “Word” and we must follow it to the letter.

Brother Ric read Romans 12:3-8, to be clear minded, not to think more highly of yourself, very good message.

Mae Cox continues to make progress, her visitors as of late were Adrain Owens, Greg and Linda Nasif, Lenore Burton, Betty Jenkins, Donna Nichols, Lisa Johnson and Jesse, Hellen Blakey, Kay Hutchison, Tim Hall, Lauren and Hunter. The children also brought their dog to visit their Grandma Mae.

Mary Ann Hathcock had the misfortune of injuring herself in a fall in her home. After a trip to the hospital, and some stitches, she appears to be doing okay at home. Her helpers since then have been, Ronda, Jan, Jim, Pat and Kay Hutchison stopped by Tuesday morning.

Kay Hutchison attended the celebration at Noble Church Sunday for Sister Maxine Lund. A large crowd was in attendance.

Dan and Kim Clements visited Harold Hutchison, Tuesday afternoon.

Harold and Kay Hutchison visited Jim and Maxine Lund for a short time, Monday evening.

Recent visitors of Tom and Jewell Elliot were Martin Hathcock, J.C. Hall, James Elliott and Nina Carter.

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