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Mt. Tabor Church

We began with singing, followed with our scripture reading and so many prayers for all our loved ones.  We had a good lesson, again about Paul, comparing this Christian life we are in to a race. There is no place to quit and we must keep our eyes focused on the prize.

Brother Ric read from Genesis 6, about the evil of man in those early days. Do we see a comparison in then and now? Evil was evil then, and it continues to be evil now.

We were glad to have our visitors in our morning service and hope they will want to come each Sunday. Our Sunday school begins at 10, and morning worship at 11. Sunday evening bible study is at 5:30.

Sunday was the first night of our new bible study and we had a good turnout and a very interesting lesson about Abraham, Sarah, Hagar and Ishmael. Sister Nina is our leader and we have workbooks, if you would like to join us, please do.

Glad to hear Clifford and Imogene Madewell both got good reports from their doctors this past week.

Tom and Jewell continue to make daily trips for his treatment, our prayers go with them. They were in Branson Saturday to attend the funeral of his niece, Falecia Pfister. James and Tammy visited, and Martin Hathcock visited one day, also.

Martin was keeping his doctor appointment at the VA hospital in Mt. Vernon, Tuesday, which turned out okay.  Mary Ann is feeling a little better at this writing. Their visitors this week were Jan Jones and grandsons, Alex and Jacob, Pernie Adams and Dennis, Ronda and Eleazar Soto, Pat Smith, Jim Hathcock and Rosie Harris.

Pat Lansdown did grocery shopping for her mother this week. Myrl is not up to being out and about. Paul Cox has finally made some progress on his “flu bug” and was able to visit his Mom, Sunday. Ronnie and Pat were in West Plains with Jadon and Kaylee Thursday evening, while Doug and Kristie had to work.

Morgan Clements spent last Wednesday night with Harold and Kay Hutchison.

Kristy Tackett came to Ava Friday and spent the weekend with her parents, Harold and Kay. The group was joined by Jayne Clark Nash Saturday and Sunday.

They enjoyed playing games, food and fun in general.

Geneva Stewart stopped in for a short visit with Harold and Kay Hutchison, Tuesday morning. They always enjoy talking about old times where their parents grew up.

Mae Cox is making small gains health wise and appreciates her visitors: Debbie Willis, Kay Hutchison, Betty Jenkins, Lenore Burton, Greg and Linda Nasif, Pat Lansdown, Tom and Donna Nichols, Ronnie Bloomer, Gary Mitchell, Tim Hall, Lauren and Hunter. She also visited by phone with brother, Johnny, Illinois and sisters, Golda Springfield and Sylvia, in Texas.

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