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Little Creek

We have been blessed with a beautiful Sabbath and we must all agree that we are appreciative and that we have thanked the Giver of all good things. Our Lord is good.

Our lesson today was about the crucifixion and the blood that was shed for us on the old rugged cross. The message was good on the Holy Spirit from Acts and other scriptures. Burr delivered the sermon.

My dear friend, Candy Lane, called yesterday to check on me and to learn why I had no news lately. I’m glad to know someone missed me when I fail and so I must do better. Seems like I get lazy more often lately.

Candy came a couple weeks ago bringing me a tape of her family performing at the Oldfield Opry. Charlie and Burr came to watch it with me which we all enjoyed doing. Charlie commented that they were very good and talented, but none could beat their mama. Dottie Robertson was a glorious singer. Candy reminded me that her parents, Shorty and Dottie had eleven children and that they are all living except Ester. They all inherited Dottie’s talent for music.

Candy and I talked a “mile a minute” and could possibly have talked until dawn and have exhausted all our memories of both our families. Candy was best friends with my cousin, Angie Degase, and so of course she spent a big part of her life knowing the Degase family.

Others visiting me at various times have been Karen and Greg, Kasey and Terry, Burr and Ruth, Jean, Kevin and Joe. I received Valentine cards, presents and calls. I appreciate them all.

Kasey and Terry came today and had potluck lunch with me and Charlie came with freshly baked cornbread for my supper. I will soon have cornbread and milk.

There seems not to be too much happening in our community that is news worthy, at least no one has called me yet with anything new. So all I can report is that all is tranquil on Little Creek and we’ve had yet again a glorious stupendous week in the Ozarks. I’d like to stress how thankful I am for all these blessings and to share how very lucky we are to have been born in such a place as our beloved Ozarks. Here where we have a sense of place and are appreciative of our heritage where we feel secure, especially when we hear of the ravages of life beyond our hills. Here in the Ozarks, old places and old ways still survive and as our worlds gets smaller and smaller we can escape to a place and a time when things seemed simpler and values were definite. Our heads may be in this century, but our hearts remain true to the past. I feel sorry for those who can’t savor the flavor of our Ozarks and sorry for a few folks who look down on us as hillbilly “have nots.” As I see it they are much less fortunate.

I received many gifts through the 14th. Marie my quilting friend, made me a beautiful card. Marie does this for all of us on each special day. I’m thankful for the lovely gesture. And my dear sweet friend, Mike Jones, made me feel special when he called to wish me a happy day. Terry, my daughter-in-law, gave me a Valentine bear and now my quilted bear made by sister, Jean, has a companion. Kasey got me lottery tickets. ( I still haven’t checked to see if we’re rich by chance) Charlie brought me a gift disguised as he puts it an old card. Burr and Karen did chores and visited and Kevin called with “I love you, Mom” as he never fails to say, and my colored friend who drives a truck with the boys.

Do we take notice of how important the “little things” in our lives are. I hardly ever go out, but when some kind person, often a stranger tells me they read my news and they pay me a compliment. A “little thing”, but it makes my day.

My children and grandchildren often recall the “little things” we used to do together that apparently mean a lot ot them.

We are improved by the good “little things” we do just as we are diminished by the bad “little things.” The impact of both can be great.

We must strive to pay a compliment, tell those around us that we love them, read a story to a child, hold on close to our families, and be sure the “little things” we do are good. After all, a “little thing” may influence someone in a big way.

So thank you every one for the “little” big things you do for me every day. Don’t think I don’t take notice and I always thank God for you in my prayers.

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