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This Sabbath day was warm and beautiful in every way. All were out for church services except for Rheanna and we missed her. Jamie and Ruth sang an old song but with a different spin to it. We sometimes come to church and let all the others do the moving and are critical of things  and people and we let opportunities pass to do some good for God. It’s good to stand firm in our faith, but when we do not always obey Christ it’s not good.

Burr led in prayer with many friends on our prayer list and then the congregation sang. We have three young men and a young lady who help with song service. Joseph and Devon play guitars and James plays drums. Nicole sings beautifully and sometimes plays the piano as her solo. We enjoy all our young people.

Burr’s message was beneficial and annointed. Jean read the text in Acts 17. It is where Paul is in Athens where scholars and theologians dwelt. They knew nothing of God, but worshipped so many gods. Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools and changed the glory of the incorruptible God into an image. Greed, lust, power was what abounded there and Paul came preaching love and faith and that no one goes to heaven except through Jesus. We should put on the whole armor of Christ to resist so many things in our culture and guard against so many gods, things that can become shrine.

The first commandment, to love our God and then second to love our neighbor. If we love Jesus we will love our neighbor and only the love of God makes it possible to love others. Our purpose in life is to make it to heaven and no one goes to heaven except through Jesus, not our religion, our money, our knowledge, our friends, our entertainments and the many things that can distract our walk with God. And we cannot become complacent, but speak out forcefully especially about the “new normal” because sin is not new and not normal.

Well I must get on with the news lest I preach.

Jean gave me news that happened last week. She and Jim enjoyed cousins, James and Karen DeGase, who visited on Saturday afternoon. They are always very good to spend time with. The DeGase family has always been close even down to the cousins both first and second. Miss Autum Miller had spent the weekend with them and with grandpa Rusty. She went riding horseback with Rusty and his girlfriend, Lisa, one day and her friend, Jayce Atchison, spent part of the weekend. His grandparents, Larry and Elaine Graham, picked him up and spent one evening all playing a new game of cards with Elaine winning. Good friendships are wonderful.

Charlie visited with me. He came on Friday bearing apples and onions. I fried the apples which made a good accompament for three meals. Charlie is having big problems with one eye. He has lost the sight in it and now the pressure is very high. He is trying a new eye drop which if it doesn’t bring the pressure down will require surgery on his eye. He appreciates and believes in prayer and healing.

Sweet Candy Lane called me, which she does occasionally, and I thoroughly enjoy talking to Candy. She was a little bitty first grade student of mine one year and was always sweet, but would speak her mind sometimes. Candy commented on the turnip kraut and plans to make a batch. I love you, Candy. Call again or come by.

Candy’s parents, Shorty and Dottie Robertson, were friends of our family from way back. They had a large family and raised their kids the old-fashioned way producing very good, honest adults.

My Dad and Shorty were in Springfield and went by the production called “The Man on the Street.” It aired on television and random people on the street were interviewed. This was a long time back and not many will remember the program.

Anyway, Daddy and Shorty switched identities and Daddy told of his children, claiming Shorty’s and Shorty claimed us three girls. Shorty remembered he supposedly had three, but Daddy forgot how many and asked Shorty to name them for him. Of course we all enjoyed seeing them and their joke on the program.

My kids have all been by and I have no other news seems like so I’ll leave you with some words of wisdome – It’s one thing to feel that you’re on the right path, but it’s another to think that yours is the only path. (author unknown)

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