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Little Creek

It’s a beautiful day in the Ozarks and the neighborhood.

Now, that’s an interesting word. I wonder who first penned neighborhood. But, back to the topic at hand –– the news.

Yesterday was drizzly and wet but everyone at church was bright and cheery and glad to be together to worship once again.

Julie sang a special and Jean did also.  Both sang beautifully.

I was happy to be in the house of God with my three sons and with one bringing the message.  Also, with my grandson, my sister and assorted cousins and a niece and daughter-in-law and brothers and sisters in Christ.

Autum was with her great-grandparents. She is growing up so fast.

Dyanna had a full room of young ones to teach.  The kids were all very well behaved for the service.

My week went well with all my kids coming by at various times.  Except for Kim who lives too far to come often.

Burr has faithfully kept my stove stoked and we have shared the pot of coffee often.  Our turnip kraut turned out very good and passed the taste test at club with an A+.  We didn’t like to think of all those turnips going to waste so with help from the Internet and my old Ball canning book, we went to work and filled Jo’s big old stone crock and just hoped for the best. I like it better than cabbage kraut because I like turnips and it has that turnip taste.

Anyway –– Karen came bringing items she had picked up in town. Always my Girl Friday. She calls me every day and we share things only we should know, just as I always did with my Mom.

My oldest son Kevin calls every day always on his way to St. Louis, and always with “I love you, Mom” before he hangs up. Kevin keeps me up dated on cousin Monte who drives out of and around Oklahoma. I pray daily for Monte and all the truck drivers.  My family has five who are under a prayer shield. These old lonesome by-ways can be dangerous in so many ways.

Kasey also drives to St. Louis each day. He comes by evenings or weekends to visit and do odd jobs, often bringing a mess of squirrels.

Kimmie calls with us having hour-long visits.  And that’s news of all my kids.

Speaking of kids, mine are under the mistaken impression that I am the smartest person in the world except when they are about to do something incredibly stupid and I warn them.  In fact, they seem to think that Congress and the president need me to point out their expensive errors and idiotic ideas.  They think my talents are going to waste.  I tell them I have enough on my plate keeping them on the straight and narrow.

But no doubt an advisory council of old folks would be cheaper and more beneficial than the consultants they hire and in addition they would use smaller words and be more easily understood. Our politicians could certainly use the advice of our “old coots” that have seen and done everything.  With all this wasted wisdom put to use there might be more common sense in Washington.  And, this council should be composed of a farmer, a veteran, a schoolteacher, a minister and a wife, who has raised at least three kids and supported her underpaid husband for a minimum of 35 years.  What an idea!

Now we need to make plans on how to present our idea in Washington.

Back to the news. Jo Delp and daughter Vickie visited with Jean one day.  What a good day that surely was.

Kevin, Donna and Jessica came by. It’s not often I see Donna and Jessie, they are always busy with the numerous dogs and rabbits they raise. They also visited with Burr & Ruth.

One week ago Sunday we had many good musicians at Clark Church singing old time Gospels, the band from around Ava numbered five. I knew Glen Dale Robertson out of the group, and the rest I didn’t get their names.

Our own church singers were very enjoyable to hear, as was Tony Ingerson who came from Bolivar.  Our youngsters, Joseph and Devin, got to play along and get experience.  We hopefully can do this often. We had potluck after morning services and loved having our visitors.

I was sad to read of a friend’s passing from us. Myrtle Marsh was a loyal friend and always a joy and upbeat. My daughter Karen worked with Myrtle and they could talk and laugh together for a long time when we’d meet in the store. Her family has our sincere condolences.

I talked via phone with Hester Tidwell. She reminded me she had gone to school at Clark on Little Creek with Maxine and Ruth Brown. She remembers Granville Beasley and all the other boys his age. Hester is a most special friend with whom I share a bond. We both were raised in the Ozarks by the Grace of God.  Being near the same age with children we both adore, we can reminisce of our kids and our ancestors and old hard times, but good times. We also love to come back to the current time frame and share recipes and talk of our passions.  Hester’s being her beautiful flowers and mine making pretty blooms come to life on quilt blocks or cushion tops and my love of books. We have much in common and I’m happy to claim Hester my friend.

I like to elaborate on my friends and let you know them a little bit through my items. I have people call or write me and tell me they like reading of people I write about even though they don’t know them. My regards to you all and to Lorene, Ruth, Maxine, Lois, Betty and Mildred.

Some closing thoughts if I may share, do not ask God for patience for He might tell you that patience is a by-product of tribulations – it isn’t granted, it is learned.  And, do not ask God for things so that you might enjoy life, for He might also tell you that He gave you life, so that you could enjoy all things.  And, instead ask God to help you love others as much as He loved you and He might say, “ahhh, finally you get the idea.”

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