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Everyone is in a spring mood, cleaning yards, building fence, getting the garden ready. Easter lilies are up. They as well as us maybe getting a good fooling. Saturday it sleeted a little. I always say it will be what God wants.

Thursday James got his hair cut at Sparta. Tom Pettit invited us to see his store. We had a good visit with the Pettit’s. Gary McMurry was getting a hair cut and he came next door to visit. He and his wife, Trish, had the flu. Mercy, that is bad stuff.

Thursday evening Rex and Shirley Halcomb and James and me met at the cemetery and decorated graves. Shirley keeps Mom and Dad and baby brothers, graves looking nice. They were going to her folks later.

James had a birthday February 6. He enjoyed his calls and gifts. Where does the years go?

It was good to see Shelby Crossland, Kaylee Evans, Colton and Wyatt Marlers pictures in the paper. Good work kids! And also nice pictures of Austin Gastineau with his success in playing basketball. He is Phyllis (Harvill) Bloomer’s grandson. Shelby is Christy (Orick) Lakey’s granddaughter, Kaylee is Connie (Halcomb) Siler’s granddaughter and Wyatt and Colton are Gary Harvill’s grandsons. Some of the out of state readers and relatives aren’t sure where the connections are. Of course they are all relation to me. And the kids and their siblings usually make the honor roll.

Gordan Jones returned home Wednesday and a very happy man he is. He wasn’t able to come to the ordination. Bub Payne who is his grandson was ordained. Bob Rains stayed with Gordon while Bub’s grandma, Zelda, attended. Bob and Lou are good people. They visit the sick. She called me when I was sick offering to help even to do my laundry when I had up chucked. No one needed to be around us, but that was nice and Brenda Popovich sent me some soup and etc. And our family offered their assistance. James’ sister, Chris, said I will work you in my schedule, but one does not need to be around the germs.

Sunday 63 gathered for church at Garrison and a very large crowd attended the ordination.

Brett Stevens, Chris Bettis and Bub Payne were ordained to serve the church as deacons. So thankful for the ordained help. Rev. Jerry Loveland was moderator and Pastor James asked the questions and ordination prayer was given by Rev. Loyd Hart. Ordination sermon was given by Rev. Jon Mitchell Sr, benediction prayer was given by Bro. Jerry Rozell and Bro. Rick Jones was clerk. Other ordained and helping were Bro. Harold Braden, Bro. Joe Rozell and Bro. Jerry Mitchell. We appreciate each one of them for their kindness and good deed to help. We ask for your prayers to see the church grow spiritually and for workers and see souls saved. Garrison Church can use your help. You are welcome at Garrison Church. We are located on 125 between Chadwick and Bradleyville. BJ Evans and wife got lost trying to find the church Sunday.

Garrison Church had cake in honor of James’ birthday Wednesday. He enjoyed all his gifts. He is 64 now.

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