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Hello from our home to your home, well it seems that spring has sprung-it is supposed to be around 70 degrees today.  But don’t trust it because it is to be down into the 30’s and Wednesday with snow flurries.  We just haven’t had much rain or snow yet this winter. Perhaps it is coming.  But, in here-the home, I can’t tell when it rains unless it thunders.  Our home is always warm and toasty for us here. We keep up with our schedule despite the weather and life goes on for most of us.

Norma Stilling is our Ombudsman for our home, and Mrs. Norma does her visiting with all of the residents.  Mrs. Norma is here on Saturday mornings at 10:00 playing and singing the old gospel songs.  Bro. Tom Hawkins followed Mrs. Norma with Saturday sermon.   Mrs. Norma is truly loved around our home.

The pastor of First Southern Baptist Church gave us a message Sunday afternoon about what “‘Faith” is.  We were surprised that we had faith in a lot of things we had not considered like the U.S. mail and our banks and our bridges we must cross, etc. Most important is faith in Jesus Christ’s promises to us and his sacrificial life and death.  This is the one with everlasting life and death.

Sunday was a nice day and our home had lots of family, visitors and lots of children.  Many guests for dinner with a delicious menu to share with residents.

Monday we had another spring like day with residents enjoying the sunshine.  Mindy Stout took Ruth Shelly out for a walk and she truly enjoyed the time Mindy spent with her. Bro. Tom Hawkins had Bible Study with several residents attending.  Yorik and Magic were with their owners, Jon and Marilyn Slaton going from door to door visiting with all the residents. They are volunteers with Hospice Compassus.   In the afternoon Jayma Potter from Three Rivers Hospice called games for our Bingo group.

Tuesday morning we exercised to a new bluegrass CD donated by the VFW  Post #112, The Greatest Bluegrass Gospel Hits.  Residents enjoyed this cd. In the afternoon Evelyn Harper, the candy lady, was here to call games. Evelyn always does a good job of calling our games and is generous with the candies she passes out to the winners.  We even get to choose the sugarless  mints  or Hershey’s chocolates!  We appreciate you, Evelyn!  Hospice Compassus is lucky to have such a caring volunteer.

Wednesday morning we had Poetry Reading , reading the poems of Bro. Will Havens, just remember to keep keeping on;  Judy Kent called games for us Wednesday afternoon, Judy visits with us often. We can always look out our window and see her walking her dog.  They are so playful.

Willene Adams, Maxine Lirley, Connie Burris and Mike Burris got to play several hands of pitch with Willene .  Connie and Willene won over us!  But there is always another day.

Gary and Alice Lirley visited today and just missed his old friends, Bob and Linda Myers, who stopped by for a visit.  We enjoy his sharing stories with us.

We had the House to House Singers here Thursday afternoon, everyone loved the music and preaching.  They will be coming twice month.

Our prayers and sympathy goes out to the Garry Hall, on the loss of his mother-in-law.  Garry and Frank are always good to come and play and sing for us here at our home.

We had a delicious egg omelet on the menu for a light supper. If you don’t like what we always have, there’s an alternate to choose from. Our dietary staff is awesome!

The Sonshine Singers are here every Friday morning at 10:30.  We love to listen to the piano, guitar and harmonica. The singing is so good!  Our Friday  game caller, Carrie McIntosh, was sick so Connie called games for us.  Hope you are feeling better Carrie, we missed you!

We would like to welcome new residents to our home, they are Byrant Besson, Jeff  Frazier, Wanda Agee and Norma Friend.   Congratulations to Johna McFarland and Allen McCoy on getting to go home this week.

If you like to have a tour of our home please call or just come by for a visit, we would love to have you visit.  Shelly Fuller can answer your questions about insurance and coverage.

God Bless You From Heart of the Ozarks Healthcare Center in Ava, MO.

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