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Hello from our home to your home. We were anticipating the big ice storm that was forecasted and we got it in mostly sleet, but very dangerous.  Some of our caregivers stayed here at the home overnight, but some stayed home the next day, so things were quiet around here.  We went ahead and worked on our jig-saw  puzzles and ate good meals and played games.  Our 1st Sonshine group was here as scheduled.  We needed the music to cheer us up in such a time as this.

The church schedule for March is March 3rd–Ava Assembly of God, March 10th Skyline Full Gospel, March 17th  Sandy Church, March 24th Life Church and  March 31st  Gridner Church.  If you need a church schedule please call Connie at 683-4129 or Pastor Marty Blakey at 683-4460.  We appreciate all the churches who come and minister to our residents and staff.

Several staff members and residents enjoyed the rest of Maxine’s birthday cake.  It was really good and beautifully decorated.  Terinda Hampton and her daughter, Tracy, did a wonderful good job on the cakes.

Ms. Willene Adams passed to her eternal rest.  Many of her family had visited recently, and some stayed by her side.  Willene was my sister, we both had been long time residents here at Heart of the Ozarks, and her son, Robert, and his wife, Angie, are also residents here.  Please be praying for our families in this time of sorrow.

Saturday morning Ms. Norma was here playing the piano, followed by church and Bro. Tom Hawkins reading the scriptures.

Larry Moore was here for Sunday School and in the afternoon the Goodhope Nazarene Church was here for the afternoon service.

Evelyn Harper and Carrie McIntosh called games last week and everyone had a very good time.

We showed the movie “Fifty First 50 Dates” along with hot, fresh popcorn.  Which staff and residents enjoyed eating.

Our prayers and sympathy are with the families of Neil Adams, Noami Walker and Willene Adams. We welcome new residents to our home, they are Norma Zellner, Nelma Lister, Timmy Lidwell, Leo Nelson and Rex Hartin.

Congratulations to Ethil Lane, Kent Johnson and Lorene Maloney on getting to go home last week.

Remember  our 4th of July is coming up if you would like to have a booth please call Connie at 683-4129.

God Bless You from our home to your home.

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