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Hello from our home to your home. We had a little skiff of snow, enough to make the ground white and it stayed so cold even in the sunshine that it did not melt all during the day.  Then we had some rain and the weather warmed up, but it surely can’t be springtime yet.  We, here in the home, just take it as it comes. Several staff members want to see some real snow, at least up to six inches of snow so that their kids can sled and make snow people.

The therapy department has been very busy lately.  We hope all the activity there brings good results.  I am trying to make my broken leg stronger and behave as it should, it seems to want to bend out and feels very insecure.

It was good to see our Activity Director, Connie Burris, walk in Tuesday morning without crutches, but she must use a wheelchair to travel.  Connie reported she had two more weeks of the wheelchair, then she was giving it up, hopefully on her doctors orders.

She saw our finished jigsaw puzzle so we put it away and started a new one of Key West Florida, and very interesting to do.

Many people call this home an “old folks home,” but really it is a Health Care Center—Heart of the Ozarks Healthcare Center.  We do have many elderly people as residents, but we have many much younger—as young as in there twenties.

If you need full time care, it is a wonderful place to live, and we have a good therapy team. It can restore one’s mobility.

Pastor Jeff Smith of Three Rivers Hospice encouraged a group of residents this morning, Thursday,  with a message about Christian Fellowship and how we need to cherish these times and about the good times from the past of all day meetings and “dinner on the ground.”  Most residents could very well remember those good times with pleasure and the family members who attended with us.  Many of them are no longer living, but still are alive in our hearts and minds to be cherished.

Bea Christy and her daughter , Connie Duckworth, became residents a few weeks ago, but we are sorry to say that Bea and Connie  got word yesterday that her other daughter and Connie’s sister had passed away. Our prayers and sympathy are with the family.

The Ava Student Council was with us Friday morning passing out Valentines and mints for all of us while we were entertained by the regular Friday musicians that come to play and sing for us.

In Sunday School class this morning we were faced with the responsibilty of changing our time to meet for class because there is such a great number of residents still eating at this time.  We will have Sunday School from 10 a.m. until 11:00 a.m. Our teacher, Larry Haskins, is to be our guest teacher next Sunday, so spread the word around and invite your friends.

We would like to welcome Faye Case, Gloria Roinion and  Bob Lambert to our home.  Our prayers and sympathy go out to the family of Golda Anderson.

God Bless You From Heart of the Ozarks Healthcare Center in Ava, MO.

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