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Well it’s a beautiful sunshiny morning this Monday after a good rain Saturday and a nice day on Sunday.

I need to correct some mistakes in last weeks items. My penmanship isn’t very good anymore.

Sharon Driskell had gone to town with Bev and Bill Emery and the Bible verse, I quoted was James 4:14 not 4:4.

Ann Collins had a nasty fall at Carol’s house on Wednesday. No bones broken so she was lucky. She is awfully sore and bruised. She came home Saturday.

Also Karen Fredrick is recovering from surgery she had last week.

Patty Stephens came after me Friday and I stayed until Sunday evening. Josh, Sandy and Carter Chambers came Saturday and we went to Republic and ate. Then Carter stayed with us Saturday evening.

Annie and I visited awhile last Tuesday evening with Ted and Karen Collins.

Janet Smith visited me awhile today, she was going to see her Monday.

Bertha Scherer was at Ann Collins awhile today also Chris Hartzell visited after she got off work.

They tell me the little spring peeper frogs are hollering. I’m never outside to hear them. I get so cold I stay in by the heater.

Until next time, take care and God bless.

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