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On this dreary Sunday evening will try and write some news. We have gotten a little rain today. We sure need moisture bad.

Last Friday night Chris Hartzell visited Ann Collins, then on Saturday Ann’s visitors were Carol Wise and Riley O’Shea. On Sunday Jim and Josh Hurst and Bertha Scherer were her visitors.

Jim and Josh Hurst also visited with Bert and Dean Scherer, Sunday,

Tracy, Hannah and Devin Griffith and I went to Moberly last Friday after they go out of school and stayed until late Sunday. Then I stayed at their house Sunday night. We went for a 4th birthday party for Lauryn, her actual birthday was Tuesday, but they had her party on the Saturday before.

Sharon Driskee visited me awhile Friday morning.

So many people are sick with the flu or something. I’ve had a horrible cough for two weeks.

My sympathy to the Esther Wrinkles family in their loss also the Doris Fleetwood family and Johnston family, I heard Lorene Johnston had passed away.

Don’t have many birthdays for February, Dan Ousley on the 6th, Ted Collins the 14th, Pat Daugherty on the 26th and Devin Snodgrass the 26th.

Until next time, be good to your neighbors and God bless!

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