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Gentry Church

Our Sunday morning service was opened with prayer, after singing our Sunday school classes studied about how to learn to stop what is destructive and use what it constructive in our spiritual life.

Our special song was by Dennis and Sandy Shumate.

Sunday, February 24th we are having a dinner after church for Pastor Riley and Judy Hall, they are leaving and moving to Springfield, we will miss them and have learned much by their teachings.

The fourth Sunday singing is at Faith Rock Church at 2 p.m.

Many prayer requests were given also Joan Burkdoll has pneumonia and remember Tommy Myers parents, it is a trying time for them.

Mark this on your calendar, on March 3rd at 11 a.m. Gentry is having Bob Hammons and band here to sing and worship with us.

We had a good crowd at our Valentine supper and singing. We were entertained with some barber shop quartet harmony with Edgar Stewart, Leon Potter, Jerry Moyer and Wendell Deo. Good job guys! Also at the singing we had what we called the beauty shop quartet made up of Faye Allen, Erma Lupton, Stella Fitzgerald and Nola Jean Moyer. It was a enjoyable singing.

Pastor Hall’s morning message was from Hebrews, chapter 3. He is the living God and your firm foundation so harden not your hearts to His word.

In our evening service our special songs were by the men’s quartet of Narvil Tetrick, Wendell Deo, and Rod and Joie Welker and Dennis and Sandy Shumate.

Bro. Hall’s evening message was from Genesis, chapter 16. When you have problems and troubles that are hard to bear and think there is no way, seek God for there is nothing too hard from Him.

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