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Gentry Church

Opening our morning service with prayer was Doug Miller.

Our Sunday school lesson taught us what is necessary for our lives to demonstrate Christ’s presence and greatness. They are humility and submission, we need rid of pride and be humble.

Our Happy Birthday wishes goes out to Kenny Eaves, Sharon Ginder and Donna Young.

We are having our Valentine supper February 15th at 6 p.m. Everyone come, bring a dish, and don’t forget your sweetheart and our Third Friday Night Singing will be afterwards.

Congratualtions goes out to Wyatt Young, who received a gift for not missing a day of Sunday school since the month of October.

We want to welcome all visitors, and Dennis and Sandra Shumate was in church Sunday visiting.

We were glad to see Pauline Welker back in service. She was wearing her neck brace and doing well. She gave a special reading.

Our special song was by Bobbie Miller, Wanda Casady, Rod and Joie Welker.

Pastor Hall’s morning message was from Acts, chapter one, this same Jesus which was taken up from you into heaven so shall come again in like manner. Aren’t you glad He arose.

In our evening service, we had some special readings by Wes Hampel and Ronnie Thomas and specials songs by Wanda Casady and Rod Welker and also quartet, Ronnie Thomas, Wanda Casady, Faye Allen and Rod Welker.

Bro. Hall’s evening message was from Joshua, chapter 6. God was with Joshua. When we read about the fall of Jericho’s walls and cities burned, as we hear of things going on in this world, Jesus will see us through. He is in control. Fear the Lord and serve Him in truth and sincerity.

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