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Good morning! Isn’t God good to us? This weather is awesome. We could be covered with ice and snow.

I’ve had a really good week after being sick and my feet hurting. I feel pretty good.

Kelly asked me if I’d like to go to West Plains with her and Audean last Friday. Several thought I needed a day out so I went and the icing on the cake was I got to see Michael Shaun. He looked really good and he’s always got that special grin. Sure made my day and I felt so much better. I went to Bible study on Saturday night and then Sunday after church I went to Seymour and spent the afternoon with Randy and his family. We watched the Super Bowl together.

Ethan had some friends here Saturday night to play pitch and another fun guessing game. They had a real good time. Then last night they all went to James’ house to watch the Super Bowl.

We had real good services at Frye Church Sunday morning. Praise God Sis. Pat is still able to come to church and Bro. Gaither is able to bring her.

Ethan got called back to work so he’ll go back in the morning. He was needing a job, I haven’t had much luck getting him to wash dishes!

Our heart goes out to those that have lost their loved ones. This past week we heard about Rich Forrest of Norwood and our neighbor Golda Anderson.

Well not much news here to write about so I’ll sign off for this time.

Tell somebody about Jesus.

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