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Good Monday morning to all my friends and neighbors.

I hardly know where to start. I haven’t written in so long.

Anyway I hurt a foot last fall and it’s taking it’s time to get well and the foot doctor in Springfield told me it was full of ole arthur. So it’s still a pain and swells. Then I had the flu and it took about three weeks of that and I’m still coughing some. Maybe I’m on the mend. I sure hope so and when the weather is like today it makes me feel like gardening. That is in my mind.

Friday night and Saturday night Ethan had some of his friends here. Roger, Levi and Randee Jo joined them and they played pitch until about midnight. They sure had a good time. I fried fish and french fries for all of them.

Ken came down Saturday and stayed a while. Then he helped me get groceries on his way home. Ethan has been helping me, but he was fishing so Ken said he’d help me.

These golden years aren’t so golden at times!

My heart goes out to all that have lost loved ones lately some that I knew were: Robert Farmer, Nelita Hawkins, Vada Smith, Let Turner, Myrtle Marsh and I’m sure there were more that I knew but can’t think right now.

Well Ethan got up early and went fishing. Levi went to work. Telesia has gone to work at Wal-Mart and Roger is cleaning cedars and rose bushes out of a field to make more pasture and I don’t know what I’ll do before the day is done. I’ve got to clean my kitchen so I’ll do that first.

We had good church services at Frye Church yesterday. Then we had dinner and fellowship after services.

I called my sister-in-law yesterday afternoon and wished her a Happy Birthday. Delmar was fixing her a fried chicken supper with all the trimmings, she said that was her favorite meal.

Well I guess you can tell I really don’t have any news so I’ll sign off for this time.

Everybody stay well and warm and tell somebody that you love them!

God bless.

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