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Eastern Gate and Around the Mountain

By the time you get your paper it will be Valentine’s Day. Did you remember to tell those around you how much you love and appreciate them? Even more important, did you tell God today how much you love him? If you want to truly understand about love you have to start with God, because He first loved us and that is why we can love.

God has been blessing us with some much needed rain. I for one am glad it came when the temperature was warm and it did come as rain and not snow, just imagine how much snow that would have been. Now there are some school kids who might not agree, they would have liked to have had some days off school to play in the snow.

I am giving piano lesson to Miss Grace, at church, and she sure seems to be enjoying it. I hope her enthusiasm continues. She likes to sing along with some of the songs and she sings at church a lot, she is a good singer. God is blessing this young girl with some musical talent.

Roger and I have been going up to the hospital to see mom every day since having her hip replaced. They are finally talking about letting her go back to the nursing home. I know that is where she wants to be. She has lots of friends and family there waiting her return.

I don’t have a lot of news, just wanted to wish everyone a very Happy Valentine’s Day and remind you to let those around you know you love them. Not just today, but every day.

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