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Eastern Gate and Around the Mountain

Wow, what great weather we have been having. Sometimes it’s hard to believe that we are in January and then we have another day or two of cold temps just to remind me. Sunday was one of those days. It was not to bad at our house, and then we arrived on top on the mountain for church and the wind sure felt colder up there. I guess several knew that it was going to feel cold and that was their excuse to stay home. If they had only known Larry had our heat on and it was a good day to be in church. But then again every Sunday is a good day to be in church.

We are still having some sickness and folks that are in need of prayer, some of those on our list include: Miss Violet, Larry’s brother, our youth, Wanda had a request, my mother and brothers, and Frances had a request.

Sunday night our group sang a special. Tammy Gunter has been learning some new songs and we sang one on them. I have to tell you some people love to learn new songs (like me) and there are others who don’t, but we won’t mention any names. Grace Mitchell sang a special and so did Tammy, and Wanda.

Sunday morning specials were by: the youth group, Sarah and Abby Hampton, Tammy Gunter, and Bud and I. We also sang Happy Birthday to Sarah and Abby, they are now teenagers.

I have spent some time with my mother. She cracked her femur, and spent three days in the hospital. She is home now, but still has a long way to go to get to feeling better. I also visited with my brother Bob and Angie and my Aunt Max while I was at the nursing home.

Christ has done so much for us that your assignment this week is to go and do something for him to help spread the love of God. I keep hearing about these random acts of kindness, and even participated. There really is something to it, try it. Let’s keep kindness going. It’s the Christ like thing to do!

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