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Dogwood Ramblings

Hey everybody, whatchathink about this weather we’ve been having?  I know of more than one person who slipped and fell on their “canister”.  I took just one step onto my deck, holding onto the door frame, so I could turn on the water for my dogs.  Thank heavens for the door frame and for heated dog water bowls.  I imagine more than one pond had to be opened for cattle and horses and here, the ice was too thick for the animals to get any grass, what grass there might be, and getting hay out was no fun.  Going out for the mail was dangerous.  Meanwhile, my cousins in ND and MN were in the midst of a blizzard.

One lady called about a previous column and wondered how I got so much genealogy information on family.  Well, I started in 1959 with a letter to Norway that eventually reached a cousin who went to Trondheim and researched records, sending me data back to the late 1500’s. An archivist in Germany did research for me and sent me baptismal and death certificates from the late 1500’s up to 1965.  I made several trips up north to visit older family members, churches and cemeteries, hundreds of letters to family, sending off for death certificates, census records, etc.  My later researches were done on the Internet and were helpful.  A cousin in Colorado took what I had developed on our French ancestry and traced us back to our Indian connection along the St. Lawrence Seaway to the Mic Mac and Algonquin tribes.  This work is like a gigantic puzzle, especially as I had to translate from Norwegian, German and France, with help of course.  All that and milking cows sure kept me out of trouble those many years!

Patsy Williams called with an update, just a bit late for last week’s column.  Cherise and Zack’s son, Matthew, turned one year old on Feb. 17th and the family celebrated this at church and then at Patsy’s place for their usual Sunday meal.  Scott Williams is Grandpa and Patsy is great grandma – and this occasion would also have been Patsy and Jerry’s anniversary.  Patsy hinted she would have some more news about the Williams family soon.

Many of you know Gerald and Margie Haynes of this community.  Gerald’s brother, Larry, from down near the Squires area had a major heart attack (Myocardial Infarction) on Monday, the 18th and was taken by ambulance to Cox Hospital South where two stents were placed.  Larry had been trying to pen a cow with birthing problems when this occurred.  The weather was so bad they couldn’t get him by helicopter.  Larry’s daughter Dena is married to Ivan Lawson of Dogwood Hill.  Dena and her mother had just returned from a trip out west.  As of last Friday Larry is home – please keep him in prayer.

Word is that the Workman family is doing well and that Joan took Margie Hazelton to the holiday meal at church.  The Chriss family was in Texas for a few days to see family.  Some gal friends were at my place on Saturday for visiting and pizza.  We used to meet monthly but it seems time gets away from us, just like everyone else.  Jocelyn Downs, Jean and Scotlyn Canape, and Tina Chriss came but Kim Fincher had to work that day.  Trish Bohn was under the weather and we missed visiting with her.  It is always so good to get together with family, and with friends.

I haven’t been going anywhere.  Missed a medical appointment last Thursday and didn’t get to my job on Friday as the driveway was thick with ice.  I finally got out for church on Sunday even though that morning there was still ice on some of the driveway.

Jamey Herd says she doesn’t have anything for the column this week and that she has been staying home, safe and sound.  Y’all stay safe and sound.  Until next week………

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