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Dogwood Ramblings

Duward “Duke” Genet, my second husband, was the 5th great grandson of Gen. (and Governor of New York) George Clinton, who led our army under George Washington and was vice president under both Pres. Jefferson and Pres. Madison.  His ancestral line goes back to many lords, dukes, earls, etc. from Europe, a Russian princess, and even King Edward I, known as Longshanks from the movie Braveheart.  Clinton’s daughter married Edmund Charles Edouard Genet, the French Ambassador to this nation during the French Revolution, and whose ancestry is as interesting as any.  Ambassador Genet with George Washington’s permission opted to stay in this country rather than return to a France in turmoil and to the guillotine.  This Genet’s nephew designed and oversaw the building of the Erie Canal, once called Genet’s Folly.  After Duke passed away on April 22nd, 2002, his eulogy referred to him as the “Duke of Dogwood”.  Before his passing, Duke offered his remains to the University of Missouri, Columbia, where many students gained an education from his generosity.  It takes a very special person to do such a thing.

My ancestry is not so glowing.  However, my 9th great grandfather was Louis Hebert, the first official French settler in Quebec, having travelled there in 1605 and 1609 with Champlain.  Hebert was the first to put a plow to the soil, planted the first fruit tree, saw to the medical needs of other settlers and the Native Indians, built the first church there which is now a cathedral in Old Quebec City.  Hebert’s father was the physician to France’s Queen Catherine de Medici and for his services was given the Perche Forrest in northwest France, from which region we have the Percheron horse.  My other ancestors were from Norway and Germany, hard working, brave farming people who immigrated to this country and settled much land in Minnesota and North Dakota. Genealogy can be rewarding.

Patsy Williams called for a visit.  She says her family gatherings every Sunday after church are keeping her busy with 14 to 15 each time.  Patsy is so proud of little Jesse Williams (Ron & Debbie’s grandson) as he has had his picture in the Herald twice for being a “terrific kid”, and they have honored him at church for this achievement.  Scott Williams had some gravel delivered but no way to spread it and then here came Tom Breedlove and did all the spreading.  Good neighbor for sure.  Thanks Patsy, for the news!

There is much about weather difficulties here and there.  Many of my years were spent in North Dakota.  People there expect snow storms and are prepared, not duly upset with a 3’ snowfall and howling blizzard winds.  Of course, that is basically flat land, not like our curving hilly roads.  Let us hope we don’t encounter such weather here, especially ice.

Lent begins this week so time again for us to reflect on the gifts of Our Lord, His Passion and His rising, not a buildup to Easter baskets filled with goodies. Be well, and God Bless.

From the desk of Jamey Herd: Pleasant Ridge Baptist Church has several activities coming up in the next few weeks. February 16 at 6 PM will be a Valentines Sweetheart Banquet hosted by the youth. A spaghetti supper will be prepared and served with salad, garlic bread, and cheesecake for dessert. Donations will be accepted with all proceeds to go to the youth fund. The youth will be doing the serving and cooking under the supervision of Jon and Elaina Nelson. So come out and enjoy a good meal and support the youth and the community.

On March 1, 2, 3rd there will be a Youth Revival. Four students from Southwest Baptist will be here speaking and teaching and also activities will be going on. We will be living and learning in the word of God. We hope to see a lot of youth there.

The flu bug is still making the rounds. Billy Joe and I are still staying close to home and only getting out to get needed groceries and to keep appointments.

Sympathy goes to the Lupton family in the passing of Wesley Lupton. We didn’t know about his passing till we seen it in the paper.

Jon and Elaina have fixed an older mobile to live in. They appreciate all the donations that have come their way. Elaina spent several days in the hospital after suffering a seizure. She is still not feeling up to par. Jon Nelson and Jim Cudney have had pneumonia. Spring can’t come soon enough and I am praying the flu bugs goes away with winter.

Until next time God Bless.

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