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Dogwood Ramblings

Take your mind back a few years to how things were in Douglas County.  Remember when all the businesses “rolled up their sidewalks” on Saturday night.  On Sunday one couldn’t get any groceries, gas, repairs or parts, and couldn’t enjoy a meal out after church services.  We moved here in 1975 and Willie was so pleased that nearly every driver gave you a “high five wave” on the road.  Now you are lucky if one driver in 20 acknowledges your wave.  I heard a complaint the other day that a couple of the restaurants in this area are closed on Sunday.  Well, aren’t they entitled to a day of rest in which to praise the Lord just as you are?  We used to get up an hour earlier on Sundays to make sure the cows were milked and chores done so we could get to church on time.  Not exactly a “day of rest” but necessary.  Yes, life is more convenient in so many ways but I feel we have lost some very important elements of life in what is daily becoming a more secular way of life.

The Schultz family, Mike, Cathy and children Samuel, Jacob and Rachel, have now moved in to Eva Wymer’s former home.  They still have some remodeling to do but one can see from the highway that they have been busy doing so, all on their own.  They told me they are really pleased with the vent-less propane heater they have after seeing how well mine works here.  The children are in their teens and are home schooled.  Very polite children!

Sunday we welcomed a new member into the fullness of faith at St. Leo’s Church.  She has been a resident here many years.  Then we had a council meeting and discussed our upcoming St. Patrick’s gathering to be held on Sat. March 16th, to which we invite all in this area.  More on this later.

It is so good to hear from Jamey again.  Please be well.  Far too many have been ill this winter!

From the desk of Jamey Herd: Pleasant Ridge Baptist Church had an unusual morning. We arrived to find the church thermometer set to 70 degrees and the room temperature was 55. The furnace was not functioning. So with the use of some electric heaters and the vent less heater in the back and everyone keeping their coats on we had Sunday school and Church. A service man had been out earlier in the week and thought he had it running till a part he had to order would arrive.

The youth attended Youth Quake at Remington’s in Springfield on Saturday. Two souls from our church were saved during the service. After attending the service they traveled back to God Father’s Pizza in Ozark for a pizza treat.

I am still battling with the laryngitis and went through a test at Cox this past week. I had a scope done but they didn’t find anything to be causing this loss of voice. Needless to say my husband has had a very quiet two months. Except to go to the Doctors and get groceries when we had to, we have stayed close to home to avoid getting sick with all the viruses and flu that is going around. So I apologize for the lack of news from this area.

On the way to Springfield on the 17th we saw the largest Bobcat running through Micky Harvel’s field. It was around noon time so was very unusual to see one at that time of the day. When I first saw it I thought it was a calf running then realized it didn’t look like a calf. I just wish we could have turned around so I could have gotten a picture but it would have been out of sight by the time we could have gone back.

Until next time stay warm and safe. May the Lord Bless and Keep you.

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