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Last Weeks News – Donna Dodson was here on Monday. She and Diana Davis were here on Valentine’s Day. They both brought gifts. I also received a card from Debra Reed and family in Kansas.

Quin Breeding, Macee Breeding and Megan Goforth all gave me some candy on Valentine’s Day.

Donna took me to town on Friday.

Reece Goforth and Bryse Dodson stayed with me awhile on Saturday evening while Donna and David worked then spent the night with them. Megan and Quin also spent the night.

Megan, Quin and Bryse went to church with David and Donna.

Quin Breeding visited Hunter Hall on Saturday.

Chase Dodson played basketball in Springfield on Sunday.

Bryse Dodson attended the Knights of Columbus Free Throw Contest in Springfield Saturday. He got first place. He made 22 of 25 free throws which advanced him on to Jefferson City.

This Weeks News – Juanita Kazenske of Illinois called on Monday.

Diana Davis took me to town Wednesday before ice came.

Donna and Megan came by on Friday.

Megan spent Friday night with a friend and went to Springfield on Saturay.

Donna Dodson went to the KGBX Women’s Show in Springfield Saturday.

Those here Saturday night for desserts and cards were Donna Dodson, Keith and Melanie Breeding and Macee, Gene and Rheba Pool. Danny Bushong called Saturday night. Keith and Melanie took Reece and Hunter Downs to Springfield Sunday afternoon for Reece’s birthday. They went to a movie, had lunch and went to the mall.

Macce stayed all night with Donna and David Saturday night. She, Megan and Quin all went to church with them Sunday. Quin stayed with me a little while Sunday evening.

Macee and Quin have both been sick for several days with the influenza, but are better now.

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