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2-17-13. Good day everyone and a beautiful day it is. This is the Lord’s day and we have come to worship you, dear Father. Sunday school began here with Bro. “Cub” (Joe) Lafferty reading Psalms 75. Bro. Bob Husky led the opening prayer. It is good to have him and his sweet wife, Ella Mae, with him. As mischievous as Bro. Bob is, don’t you know she has quite a job. Just a little laugh with you, Bob. We love you both so much and are happy you were able to be here today. Our Sunday school lesson is I Corinthians 10th chapter. Paul is reminding the church of what their fathers went through in the wilderness because of their giving in to the temptations of the flesh. Many were baptized unto Moses and ate and drank the same spiritual Rock (Jesus Christ) that followed them. Never the less God wasn’t pleased with many of them because of their turning back to idolatry and fornication. Twenty-three thousand fell in one day and didn’t get to enter the promise land of Caanan. Every thing we do should be to edify and glorify our Almgihty God. Anything can become an idol to us. A car, fishing or doing something else on the Lord’s day can become an idol. As Bro. Bob put it, anything you have between you and God becomes an idol. You are either on God’s side or the devils. There is no in-between. It is very clear in the scripture that we are either for God or against  Him. We in and of ourselves, are already an offense to God because we were born in to sin and sinners we are. If we don’t accept Christ there is no blood covering for our sins and Hell is our eternity. But if we accept Jesus as our Savior in our hearts, we have an advocate to defend us before God, the Almighty, All Sovereign Father and Judge. Friend accept Jesus today. Don’t wait for there is no promise of a tomorrow. Each breath you take is drawing you close to standing before the judgment seat of God. Seek Him while He is near and can be found. We went into our worship service with good congregational singing. The Holy Ghost was very much amongst us. This carried right into special singing and His sweet spirit flowed so freely. Praise God! He is so good to us. Bro. “Cub” (Joe) brought the sermon from Ephesians, chapter 2. Jesus is the only way. You can’t buy or earn salvation by any work. It is a free gift from God our Heavenly Father. But you have to accept this gift – Jesus Christ into your heart humbling yourselves before God and repent of your sins. Don’t put salvation off. Accept Jesus today. God be with you all this week and may His blessings be upon you and your families.

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