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Joe read 34rd Psalm while opening Sunday school. Ronnie Thomas led in prayer and Sunday school lesson was taken from I Corinthians, chapter 7. Paul is giving guidance on marriage. If all spouses would let God lead I believe there would be a whole lot fewer divorces and some lawyers that would have to find a different category to practice their law. We had a good discussion and a lot of laughter in seeing the comedy we all have experienced in our marriages especially early in our union with our spouse.

Our service changed with moving to congregational singing after our morning offering. We are still enjoying learning new songs. Ronnie and Sue Thomas are a great help with this and we are even going to make use of Sue’s brother, Rod Welker, so watch out Rod, for here we come.

Bro. Cub (Joe) Lafferty took the pulpit and gave a sermon from I Peter, chapter 5 verses 1-7. Those of us who have been in this Christian walk for awhile need to feed  the flock – be a good example to those who are new Christians not to force them to believe nor doing it to make ourselves proud and boastful, but to help and encourage them. He tells the younger to submit to elder for here is how they will learn. We are to be subject one to another with humility and love for God resisteth the proud and giveth grace to the humble. I really love the 7th verse which reads, “Casting all your cares upon Him for He careth for you.” Jesus Christ is ready to forgive. Cast on Him all your sin, burdens and trials and He will guide you with sweet peace and comfort all the way. He knows what we need and sometimes our desires is not what we need in the long run. This brings us sorrow, but I can speak from experience when you have Jesus there is a sweet, gentle presence with you. You may not get immediate answers that you want or quick relief, but His sweet grace is sufficient. With all love and prayer I ask that God the father and Jesus, God the Son will make their presence known to those who are trying to walk their life alone. Place your care and accept Him in your heart for He really cares for you.

Today is the Douglas County Fourth Sunday Singing at Gentry and I am looking forward to going. I haven’t got to attend the last two and I am so ready to join with other singers to praise our Heavenly Father in song. If you have nothing else to do on the fourth Sunday of each month, you are always welcome. We travel to different churches so you may need to call Sybil Gheer or her daughter, Nola Jean Moyer. God bless all of you and be happy in the Lord.

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