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The folks at Bethany Baptist Church are looking forward to having Mitch and Baljmaa Tillman, missionaries of Mongolia, with us Sunday, February 3. With them will be two adopted children, Mishka and Johnny and Baljmaa’s mother Oumaa. We will have a combined Sunday school class at 10:00, a preaching service at 11:00, lunch in the fellowship room at 12:00, and an afternoon service at 1:00. There will be no evening service.

Mitch Tillman is a missionary with Harbor Evangelism, heading up the work in Mongolia. He stepped up to help his father, Tommy Tillman, who is the founder of Harbor Evangelism, about eleven years ago. Tommy has done mission work in many places, but perhaps the most notable is his work with lepers in Thailand, which he began about 31 years ago. Tommy has opened a leper colony, started an orphanage for children of lepers, started leper churches, an invalid home and other special projects to help lepers and people of hill tribes in Thailand.

Doctors had told Tommy Tillman that in order to prevent his getting leprosy he must limit his time of being in close contact with the lepers. So Tommy had followed his burden for the souls of people of Mongolia. That burden was not just to provide humanitarian relief for the lepers, people of the hill tribes, or the Nomads, but to have an open door to present the gospel.

Tommy had found that there were vast areas in the Gobi desert with no medical facilities, hospitals, or doctors available so he committed to building and staffing a hospital on the desert. That effort he put into the hands of the Lord and money came in to build that hospital. Over the course of the last fifteen years the ministry of Harbor Evangelism has expanded medical facilities, drilled a well on the Gobi desert, stated children’s feeding stations, started several children’s churches, began a translating and printing ministry and much more. Medical care, dental work, nursing care, and nourishing food are provided, but the people also receive the gospel presented in their language.

Tommy had been praying that God would call someone to direct the work in Mongolia. His son, Mitch, answered that call and has taken the day-by-day direction of that work. There are some godly, dedicated Mongolian Christians, who teach, preach, and operate many of the mission efforts. They could not do so without the help from Christians in America who provide the money to purchase the food, medicines, and materials needed.

Bethany Baptist Church helps support the work of Harbor Evangelism.


Pastor Bob Sorensen warned those present last Sunday morning about the popular notion that we should pursue “Easy Living.” Many people make riches and easy living the goal of their lives, but it is contrary to Bible principles. Instead the goal of Christians is to seek to know and to do the will of God. We are told to search for God’s will with all our hearts, being diligent, purposeful, and persistent in that effort all our lives. In fact when the rich man of Luke 12 had purposed in his heart to tear down his barns, build bigger, then to sit down and “take thine ease” God called him a “fool” for that night his soul would be required of him. This foolishness was evidenced by his putting himself first, failing to acknowledge God’s call to deny self. It was also evidenced by his making wealth, his “god.” He ignored his own spiritual poverty and never showed a concern about appearing before the Lord empty handed with no trophy to lay at his feet.. He did not lay up for himself treasure in heaven. Jesus told his disciples to strive for souls, working while it was still “day,” for night will come and each person will stand in judgment to give an account. Will you have treasure laid up in heaven? or will all your “treasure” be left behind?

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