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Bethany Baptist Church

Jim and Ruby Corder and Jeff and Stephanie Corder returned Sunday afternoon from a trip that they had made to Chesterton, Indiana to celebrate the marriage of Jim and Ruby’s granddaughter, Brittany Corder, to Ben White. Brittany’s Uncle Jeff Corder conducted the ceremony. Ruby’s sister, Virginia Coats, who made the trip from California and some of her family also attended the wedding, so there was a lot of good family visiting going on. There was six inches of snow on the ground and some of the wedding pictures were made outside on and beside a fire truck from the Fire Department where Ben is a volunteer fireman. We will be waiting to see those pictures when Ruby can bring them to church.

Another of Bethany Baptist’s church family was out of town. Pat Banks who is already quite skillful with a sewing machine had driven to Alabama to learn something to further her sewing skills. On her way back she stopped to visit with friends in Lawrenceburg, Tennessee. Joe Banks announced to the church, Sunday evening, that the “gate was open” in anticipation of her return, Monday.

It is a good thing to have good strong families in the church. Pastor Bob Sorensen spoke on the “Marriage Made in Heaven.” Marriages may be made in heaven, but they have to be lived out on the earth in less than perfect conditions and with less than perfect people. God instituted marriage between Adam and Eve before he instituted governments or churches. Marriage was regarded as more than a civil agreement. It was to be a lifetime commitment between a man and a woman who were given a responsibility not only to multiply the human race, but to pass on knowledge of God and his holiness to the next generations. If God is seen as Creator, Sustainer, Lawgiver, and Judge of the earth and all that is in it, and the Bible is seen as the final authority in every matter, then when two people have agreed in their hearts that this is so, they can have a marriage that not only is made in heaven, but can be lived out that way on earth.

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