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Bethany Baptist Church

It was a special treat to have missionaries of Mongolia at Bethany Baptist Church, Sunday. One of them gave an accounting of some of the things that have happened in their ministry during the past six years since his last visit.

The orphanage was recently granted permanent status and was cited as a model for other orphanages in Mongolia. They had started out about six years ago with two adult workers and one of them. Two of their children were the first babies taken into the orphanage. They usually have from 12 to 18 babies at a time. They give them good nutrition, medical care, and loving attention. They have had about one hundred babies that have either gone back to relatives or have been placed into adoptive homes.

One of the missionaries is part of a translation ministry, helping in the translation of the Bible, Christian literature, and discipleship courses. Translating the Bible is a long and careful process. She makes the basic translation, then other team members make comparisons with the Greek and Hebrew texts. After a draft has been made and printed off, it is given out to others to read for understanding and to catch errors.

One of their members recently translated a Children’s Bible. They printed a large number and have started the printing of another 600. The cost for them to print the Bibles is between $2 to $4 depending on cost of paper, ink, and other expenses with printing. This Bible has color pictures and is very attractive. They give these to children, but their parents will also read them. The Mongolia people have been under Communism for many years and the current generation does not know about Jesus. When money becomes available, they will print off many more of these children’s Bibles.

She had worked for some years as a translator for Communist government officials and had traveled in that capacity to many surrounding countries. She also worked 30 years for the government in its education department for the certification of teachers. She had been sent to Russia for her college education and became proficient in both Russian and English. All these skills are now being used to serve Jesus Christ.

Mitch is the son of missionary Tommy, but he did not get saved until he was in his forties. He says that God can pick up a “no good man” and make something out of him. He knew immediately that God had called him to service, but he did not know what it was until he was on a mission trip with his father and landed in Mongolia. What he found is a people who do realize that there is a God, but they do not know about Jesus. Even among “Christian” groups Mitch said that he does not hear the resurrection being proclaimed. People are willing to accept the idea that praying a few words can save them, but when you ask them, “Do you believe that Jesus arose from the dead,” they hesitate. The resurrection is a supernatural event that only the creator of life bring about. God can raise the dead. Since he raised Jesus from the dead, he can also give us life after death. That is the basis for the gospel message.

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